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  • Paul Mirabel

    Paul Mirabel

    08.11.2025 Humor
    Price : 45 €
    Room : Chapito
    Opening : 19H00
    Concert : 20h00

    “Hey, I’ve been thinking about what I could say…
    I could talk about love, I haven’t found the right words yet, but in fact, everything starts from the energy of love, because in reality love isn’t just about relationships, it’s also about our passions, our dreams, all the things we give our all for, all the things we go to great lengths for, it’s also about family, friends…
    I used to think that the opposite of love was hate, but if there’s no love you can’t hate,
    In reality its opposite is fear.
    Because if you’re scared you go nowhere, you try nothing, you’re immobilised, nothing happens, it’s nothingness you see…
    Sometimes it’s a look, sometimes it’s just a date, sometimes it’s a whole life,
    Anyway, you know, you could explain something like that…”
    Excerpt from Georgio – Enfants sauvages


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    Ouvert aux mineurs.

    Paul Mirabel

    08.11.2025 Humor
    45 €
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